[ALT TWITTER/OTHER TWITTER] 03.01.17 Ivan Menchell Twitter Update: ‘Death Note’ incepe in aceasta seara/‘Death Note’ starts tonight

Nota JYJ3: Ivan Menchell este scenaristul musicalului ‘Death Note’.
Alte lucrari pentru care este creditat sunt: Bonnie & Clyde si Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (musicaluri), Blended (film), Phil of the Future and Jonas([Disney] TV show)

 photo 170103ivanmenchell.pngoriginal_zpsnup5oo5d.png


In aceasta seara calatoria continua! Mult succes!

 photo C1MkKATUcAIH8A7.jpgoriginal_zpsonum14vv.jpg
 photo C1MkKAVUcAYeu_a.jpgoriginal_zpskuasmfly.jpg
 photo C1MkKATUcAEKAHU.jpgoriginal_zpsbhtl6vms.jpg
 photo C1MkKAXUcAASu-Z.jpgoriginal_zpskm1xxlzt.jpg

Source: @ivanmenchell
Shared by: JYJ Romania via JYJ3


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