[POZE PRESA/PRESS PICS] 06.09.16 Kim Junsu in musicalul ‘Dorian Gray’ reprezentatia pt. presa – Partea 1 / Kim Junsu at Musical ‘Dorian Gray’ Press Call – Part 1

 photo 1_zpskeqg8nlf.jpg  photo 2_zpsxpwtxnne.jpg  photo 3_zpsh6wmu8mg.jpg  photo 4_zpsg5vyrurk.jpg  photo 5_zpspww1kmmc.jpg  photo 6_zpshquf8dp3.jpg  photo 7_zpspytnd1ck.jpg  photo 8_zpsszvedkwf.jpg  photo 9_zpsr0tui0pu.jpg  photo 10_zpsugegadah.jpg  photo 11_zpsywpfu8gn.jpg  photo 12_zpsggytqja9.jpg  photo 13_zpsq6w6cixz.jpg  photo 14_zpsjsnvvf9t.jpg  photo 15_zpsfyfxwmrh.jpg  photo 16_zpsyk5cksb3.jpg  photo 17_zpsr3u8bth3.jpg  photo 18_zpsvyc2tujx.jpg  photo 19_zpsh50oswqc.jpg  photo 20_zpsmiwnfahb.jpg  photo 21_zps75tc9rvt.jpg  photo 22_zpsft2qpiv1.jpg  photo 23_zpsgdts2izp.jpg  photo 24_zpskicsf4q1.jpg  photo 25_zpshbgxn2ft.jpg  photo 26_zps1qigbkqq.jpg  photo 27_zpspaj9xccs.jpg  photo 28_zpsh1oyjncn.jpg  photo 29_zpsxrgbpcd3.jpg  photo 30_zpsrarkiguk.jpg  photo 31_zpsglr3hlxi.jpg  photo 32_zps1m2ilohq.jpg  photo 33_zpslk8hnjqi.jpg  photo 34_zpsudn7ijpu.jpg  photo 35_zpsgwgxgrqo.jpg  photo 36_zps7wzuaddy.jpg  photo 37_zps6r1v4wn2.jpg  photo 38_zpsg9wc81fd.jpg  photo 39_zpszcsblbuq.jpg  photo 40_zpsuxbiwiul.jpg  photo 41_zpsspiu5cwi.jpg  photo 42_zps2tvclz6u.jpg  photo 43_zpsirjodfph.jpg  photo 44_zpsng1llpo3.jpg  photo 45_zpstlhut7wv.jpg  photo 46_zpseobqcuhw.jpg  photo 47_zpszbvwu9pc.jpg  photo 48_zpsfppchwht.jpg  photo 49_zpsggim4xje.jpg  photo 50_zpswua5dmsh.jpg  photo 51_zpszuctbvzk.jpg  photo 52_zpsaaveumhm.jpg  photo 53_zpslf6vhfqb.jpg  photo 54_zpscbk0satc.jpg  photo 55_zpsd72uqylm.jpg  photo 56_zpsficxtqik.jpg  photo 57_zps1gb8vpdp.jpg  photo 58_zpsgnse232i.jpg  photo 59_zpss3d8p1n6.jpg  photo 60_zpscv90xd1x.jpg

Credits: as tagged
Shared by: JYJ Romania via JYJ3

Please keep all the credits intact and do not alter them. Daca preluati orice postare de pe blogul JYJ Romania, va rugam sa pastrati toate creditele intacte.


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