[POZE HQ/HQ PICS] 15.08.16 Caporalul Kim Jaejoong la concertul dedicat aniversarii a 71 de ani de la independenta Coreei – Partea a 2-a /CPL Kim Jaejoong at 71st Korean Liberation Concert – Part 2

 photo 1_zpsyslckjv5.jpg
 photo 2_zps8wcqpej9.jpg
 photo 3_zpsvpifmgcm.jpg
 photo 4_zpsrfhphiww.jpg
 photo 5_zps3xxpgiau.jpg
 photo 6_zpsebafbj7p.jpg
 photo 7_zpsd3fadavb.jpg
 photo 8_zpsdffburxi.jpg
 photo 9_zpsdlx0imon.jpg
 photo 10_zpsbjdaqbtj.jpg
 photo 11_zpswgpczmna.jpg
 photo 12_zpsidrq28yj.jpg
 photo 13_zpsbwe5sqpq.jpg
 photo 14_zpsvq8td8dg.jpg
 photo 15_zpswdsxx8ll.jpg
 photo 16_zpsrblsecoo.jpg
 photo 17_zpstaoybanj.jpg
 photo 18_zpsvcuge0n4.jpg
 photo 19_zps61iytvuj.jpg
 photo 20_zpswqggjpdo.jpg
 photo 21_zpsatrzrheo.jpg
 photo 22_zpspchdbv2w.jpg
 photo 23_zpsopg55xyk.jpg
 photo 24_zpsqmfxkpvp.jpg
 photo 25_zpskvzwsry2.jpg
 photo 26_zpsyihk9bzv.jpg
 photo 27_zps9xshdkj8.jpg
 photo 28_zpsl4x7uylu.jpg
 photo 29_zpsiubcvrbj.jpg
 photo 30_zpszw5rkgp8.jpg
 photo 31_zpsfuttdo6a.jpg
 photo 32_zpsqjf1mt9w.jpg
 photo 33_zpspbzbrpwa.jpg
 photo 34_zpsxsxua1ml.jpg
 photo 35_zpsvbwqvvid.jpg
 photo 36_zps6tggmcde.jpg
 photo 37_zpspdwslorw.jpg
 photo 38_zpse2v3a4p9.jpg
 photo 39_zpsllxxuoni.jpg
 photo 40_zpsigqqnqbl.jpg
 photo 41_zpssixwiyus.jpg
 photo 42_zpsssdgu2pl.jpg
 photo 43_zps0o3g8wgo.jpg
 photo 44_zpsgdk1arld.jpg
 photo 45_zps7q4n6sze.jpg
 photo 46_zpsksgkhvmr.jpg 

Credits: Ether, Studio Jay, Oneyebu, Pyo , yyyTin, its_a_religion, Kinoko
Shared by: JYJ Romania via JYJ3

Please keep all the credits intact and do not alter them. Daca preluati orice postare de pe blogul JYJ Romania, va rugam sa pastrati toate creditele intacte.


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