[POZE PRESA/PRESS PICS + VIDEOS] 23.07.16 Concertul lui XIA 5th Asia Tour in Bangkok ‘XIGNATURE’ / 2016 XIA 5th ASIA TOUR Concert in Bangkok ‘XIGNATURE’

 photo 1_zpsgfqag4uh.jpg
 photo 2_zpshivbo2kg.jpg
 photo 3_zpsl1t5k51o.jpg
 photo 4_zpsfkf6at13.jpg
 photo 5_zpsh9eh648c.jpg
 photo 6_zpsll8zutsd.jpg
 photo 7_zpshnjt9bpf.jpg
 photo 8_zpsckv8mloq.jpg
 photo 9_zpsyj7qkf5m.jpg
 photo 10_zps17huwwnd.jpg
 photo 11_zpsulp6lvkh.jpg
 photo 12_zpscdpwecqv.jpg
 photo 13_zps5ixxzsay.jpg
 photo 14_zpsrqo42n0l.jpg
 photo 15_zpsdsu18zwo.jpg
 photo 16_zps48ol6bls.jpg
 photo 17_zpsast2cy6e.jpg
 photo 18_zps2okgwmh5.jpg
 photo 19_zpsa6zj1z0s.jpg
 photo 20_zps5xoglxt7.jpg
 photo 21_zpsdsfou1sh.jpg
 photo 22_zpsnkgvhtvs.jpg
 photo 23_zpsegii4cbb.jpg
 photo 24_zpsjpqw5umn.jpg
 photo 25_zpsbp91gyot.jpg
 photo 26_zpshw2wyfuw.jpg
 photo 27_zpscyvxnsjm.jpg
 photo 28_zps1opo9hxs.jpg
 photo 29_zpsdledmbii.jpg
 photo 30_zpsx0zewi9p.jpg
 photo 31_zpsgm489bry.jpg
 photo 32_zpsw2cl1f3v.jpg
 photo 33_zpsbqiixtfg.jpg
 photo 34_zpsoxri0boh.jpg
 photo 35_zpsgrxploqz.jpg
 photo 36_zpsfhpv6c8t.jpg
 photo 37_zpsd6h6sior.jpg
 photo 38_zpsee6dr9kl.jpg
 photo 39_zpslgu23zge.jpg
 photo 40_zpsdyvcnliz.jpg
 photo 41_zpss7tn9smw.jpg
 photo 42_zpsbiftbznp.jpg
 photo 43_zpsr8mbpzpz.jpg
 photo 44_zpshmxvcpqb.jpg
 photo 45_zpszbo9sqib.jpg
 photo 46_zpsxfinaql1.jpg
 photo 47_zps6nftwzkb.jpg
 photo 48_zpsyviv7syb.jpg
 photo 49_zpsbwb4qch7.jpg

Sources: @webstarupdate + @entknews + Tem!Tem FB + starupdatedotcom + EnTown + Bugaboo.TV
Shared by: JYJ Romania via JYJ3

Please keep all the credits intact and do not alter them. Daca preluati orice postare de pe blogul JYJ Romania, va rugam sa pastrati toate creditele intacte.


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