[POZE HQ + LINK DE DESCARCARE/DL] 15.06.16 Kim Jaejoong la ROK-US Army Band Concert – Partea a 2-a / Kim Jaejoong at ROK-US Army Band Concert – Part 2

Partea 1
 photo Alice_graphy_01_zps3et9mmil.jpg
 photo Alice_graphy_02_zpsf9cz4ico.jpg
 photo Alice_graphy_03_zpsfjlirdht.jpg
 photo Alice_graphy_04_zpsd4jmosc6.jpg
 photo Alice_graphy_05_zpsnb8ntcwo.jpg
 photo bbangbbrap_01_zpsjmgmfyze.jpg
 photo bbangbbrap_02_zpssg3w15es.jpg
 photo bbangbbrap_03_zpsrqqpzy4s.jpg
 photo bbangbbrap_04_zpsq5j4lrtr.jpg
 photo Ether_09_zpsumituhag.jpg
 photo Ether_10_zps7wmjofxw.jpg
 photo Ether_11_zpsjpb9o9yv.jpg
 photo Ether_12_zpsyyri2l7g.jpg
 photo Ether_13_zpszkquxxpc.jpg
 photo Ether_14_zpsffovvekv.jpg
 photo Ether_15_zpsze3wk0ni.jpg
 photo Ether_16_zpshd0pir6j.jpg
 photo JUSTyou_JJ_01_zpsnvgli5qg.jpg
 photo JYT_11_zpsw5dhbzwx.jpg
 photo JYT_12_zpsawozkr0a.jpg
 photo JYT_13_zpspuqhuytx.jpg
 photo Lizi_01_zpsgnkdej3g.jpg
 photo Studio_Jay_01_zpsfznoiyfo.jpg
 photo Studio_Jay_02_zpsul11mjec.jpg
 photo Studio_Jay_03_zpsglhkee5p.jpg
 photo Studio_Jay_04_zpswos50pou.jpg
 photo Studio_Jay_05_zpsr3mgltfb.jpg
 photo Studio_Jay_06_zpstf1v65cg.jpg
 photo Studio_Jay_07_zpsfhdadpsy.jpg
 photo yyyTin_01_zpsbjzzsyb8.jpg
 photo yyyTin_02_zpsaqeoox19.jpg
 photo yyyTin_03_zpsuhzv2jbm.jpg
 photo yyyTin_04_zpsppzoui2o.jpg
 photo yyyTin_05_zps3gk4liam.jpg
 photo yyyTin_06_zpsxfrmcqd8.jpg
 photo yyyTin_07_zpsmkzozo7o.jpg

Credits: Studio_Jay, JUSTyou_JJ, 小于儿Ether, JYT, _yyyTin楊楊, bbangbbrap, Alice_graphy, Lizi
Shared by: JYJ Romania via JYJ3

Please keep all the credits intact and do not alter them. Daca preluati orice postare de pe blogul JYJ Romania, va rugam sa pastrati toate creditele intacte.


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