[POZE PRESA/PRESS PICS] 17.06.16 Kim Junsu la aeroportul international Incheon, indreptandu-se spre Nagoya / Kim Junsu at Incheon International Airport, heading to Nagoya

 photo 1_zpsat9rdbt2.jpg  photo 2_zpso42wf0lv.jpg  photo 3_zpsd2yatyhy.jpg  photo 4_zpskatxpm3x.jpg  photo 6_zpsyimu2vn5.jpg  photo 7_zpsn0yro5ab.jpg  photo 8_zps5hpcq8fj.jpg  photo 9_zpswrxjofy1.jpg photo 10_zps9mhu6rfv.jpg  photo 11_zpsrbgrinrh.jpg  photo 12_zps893pptuj.jpg  photo 13_zpsyhd7itur.jpg photo 14_zpsmedyxtix.jpg  photo 15_zpsjyrva8dm.jpg  photo 16_zpsjodp8nms.jpg  photo 17_zpslfmrqwby.jpg  photo 18_zpsh7z9sijg.jpg  photo 19_zpsehc3guyb.jpg  photo 20_zpsk8g9md1e.jpg  photo 21_zpse0kgxzyn.jpg  photo 22_zpslz5ng5q7.jpg  photo 23_zpsw6lbzose.jpg  photo 24_zpsq8ne0ryl.jpg  photo 25_zpsyijrcuns.jpg  photo 26_zpsxtaxheyf.jpg  photo 27_zpscfjd2s9r.jpg  photo 28_zpsox7kmjcv.jpg photo 29_zpswjjlag6f.jpg  photo 30_zpsmuwxkw7z.jpg  photo 31_zpskvvle8vd.jpg  photo 32_zpsbvvk6uo8.jpg  photo 33_zpskdroja1y.jpg  photo 34_zpsmwshdiio.jpg  photo 36_zpsdo6t62d2.jpg  photo 37_zpsccmn642z.jpg  photo 38_zpsyputasrd.jpg  photo 40_zpskfphjzpd.jpg  photo 41_zpsxdhukykg.jpg  photo 42_zpsowus0b5a.jpg  photo 43_zps0w6yifcx.jpg  photo 44_zpsemr80d6r.jpg  photo 45_zpszjntcrnp.jpg  photo 46_zpsn4drhtw8.jpg  photo 48_zps84yucoop.jpg  photo 49_zpsego0qwuz.jpg  photo 50_zpsmbb0rnwj.jpg  photo 51_zpswzgyqenp.jpg  photo 52_zpstvr21gdo.jpg  photo 53_zpspvu63u49.jpg  photo 54_zpsqird8xdt.jpg  photo 55_zpsvprqvucd.jpg photo 56_zpschitkzwd.jpg  photo 57_zpspu9inezi.jpg  photo 58_zpse0nzyfew.jpg  photo 59_zpswgayxsoj.jpg  photo 60_zps7u8lnwe3.jpg
 photo 61_zps0wlsracu.jpg  photo 62_zpslyvzjybf.jpg  photo 63_zps2moblh8f.jpg

Credits: as tagged
Shared by: JYJ Romania via JYJ3

Please keep all the credits intact and do not alter them. Daca preluati orice postare de pe blogul JYJ Romania, va rugam sa pastrati toate creditele intacte.


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