[ALT INSTAGRAM/OTHER INSTAGRAM] 10.06.16 O fata norocoasa posteaza o fotografie cu Kim Jaejoong / Lucky girl shares a photo with Kim Jaejoong

[PHOTO] 김재중씨 만났당!!!!! *^.^* 너무 멋졌다 잘생겼어요 내 얼굴을 커버했다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ #군인 #김재중 #재중

Kim Jaejoong este atat de cool,arata atat de frumos…..

 photo 13397473_158105467928390_51146461_n_zpsa2bygwmf.jpg

Source: yeonji96
Translated by: @crystalmoon64
Trans Ro: Ely of JYJ Romania
Shared by: JYJ Romania via JYJ3

Please keep all the credits intact and do not alter them. Daca preluati orice postare de pe blogul JYJ Romania, va rugam sa pastrati toate creditele intacte.


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