[POZE PRESA/PRESS PICS] 30.05.16 Showcase-ul live al lui XIA Junsu, dedicat celui de-al 4-lea album “XIGNATURE” – Partea a 3-a / ‘XIGNATURE’ Showcase with XIA Junsu – Part 3

 photo 1_zpsi80j40yi.jpg  photo 2_zpsvbj7pu4m.jpg  photo 3_zpslk3hj01a.jpg  photo 4_zpsodpx0sr0.jpg  photo 5_zps5vyrfokv.jpg  photo 6_zpscc11khlh.jpg  photo 7_zpsdjhtjasl.jpg  photo 8_zpshl4dxvlc.jpg photo 9_zps7pfngiqe.jpg  photo 10_zpsoealtoas.jpg  photo 11_zpshezjquav.jpg
 photo 12_zpsqc7eh1qu.jpg
 photo 13_zpsruce0tu7.jpg
 photo 14_zpssg11ecsw.jpg
 photo 15_zps05aaqgcy.jpg
 photo 16_zpspwlbqdpz.jpg
 photo 17_zpszqhz7dkc.jpg
 photo 18_zpsyjtgxfkr.jpg
 photo 19_zpski0ne0s6.jpg
 photo 20_zpsf49ospxj.jpg
 photo 21_zpseqqo8udt.jpg
 photo 22_zps5cclayt8.jpg
 photo 23_zpsmccunctj.jpg
 photo 24_zpsmxhilrog.jpg
 photo 25_zpskx2urra0.jpg
 photo 26_zps089u9ojt.jpg
 photo 27_zpshoio2cu1.jpg
 photo 28_zpsxdov99nl.jpg
 photo 29_zpsflle5bl5.jpg
 photo 30_zpsgbkseqz7.jpg
 photo 31_zpsz61tamjp.jpg
 photo 32_zpsa5st1gy4.jpg
 photo 33_zpsyzeocaam.jpg
 photo 34_zpsxu2arwlf.jpg
 photo 35_zpsbbdhg3ml.jpg
 photo 36_zpsu0eegboz.jpg
 photo 37_zpswisgrg7u.jpg  photo 38_zpsirdmgtqt.jpg  photo 39_zpsk9yxilrg.jpg  photo 40_zpsp351wijd.jpg  photo 41_zpsz2cpjxqg.jpg  photo 42_zpst78pfejz.jpg  photo 43_zpsyqqiwdqa.jpg  photo 44_zpsoq5e4xpk.jpg  photo 45_zpskjqq2mj6.jpg  photo 46_zpshq71tqjm.jpg  photo 47_zpsrhewfvyj.jpg  photo 48_zps5n6fkg2h.jpg  photo 49_zps6wcrocnk.jpg  photo 50_zpsafnomi3b.jpg  photo 51_zpsyyx0unjx.jpg  photo 52_zps7bxitpwz.jpg  photo 53_zpspz8ooc1c.jpg  photo 54_zpsf6mhoane.jpg  photo 55_zpscihih55z.jpg  photo 56_zpsazj4exaz.jpg  photo 57_zpspizcy5eo.jpg  photo 58_zpszvhrvlhu.jpg  photo 59_zpsqh2yq8ct.jpg  photo 60_zpsovgkhpnz.jpg  photo 61_zpsypxuau3x.jpg  photo 62_zpslihwec8t.jpg  photo 63_zpsvrfpv8yw.jpg  photo 64_zpspfrc1nev.jpg  photo 65_zpsgo08qeed.jpg  photo 66_zpsrrzyyuut.jpg  photo 67_zpss2xc0fbq.jpg  photo 68_zpsqrbxk0em.jpg  photo 69_zpsjgblhkmz.jpg  photo 70_zpskxrgt6y1.jpg

Credits: as tagged
Shared by: JYJ Romania via JYJ3

Please keep all the credits intact and do not alter them. Daca preluati orice postare de pe blogul JYJ Romania, va rugam sa pastrati toate creditele intacte.


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