[POZE PRESA/PRESS PICS] 30.05.16 Showcase-ul live al lui XIA Junsu, dedicat celui de-al 4-lea album “XIGNATURE” – Partea 1 / ‘XIGNATURE’ Showcase with XIA Junsu – Part 1

 photo 1_zpsawv9go6y.jpg  photo 2_zpsmbeg94qm.jpg  photo 3_zpsnr6kqez9.jpg photo 4_zpskw121ivc.jpg  photo 5_zps2w2pirpo.jpg  photo 6_zpspi0p2qlb.jpg  photo 7_zpsowm6gfph.jpg  photo 8_zpswlawhfqp.jpg  photo 12_zps5fndjt0r.jpg  photo 13_zpsktiy2opw.jpg  photo 14_zpsniqwexzz.jpg  photo 15_zpszslpwif3.jpg  photo 16_zpsolf4xfkd.jpg  photo 17_zpsro6meled.jpg  photo 18_zps4hdrmasg.jpg  photo 19_zpsj0opmmcl.jpg  photo 20_zpsv0q624dc.jpg  photo 21_zpsmrox4xsb.jpg  photo 22_zpsddkxqoqw.jpg  photo 23_zpsqjyiht80.jpg  photo 24_zpsu8va9hta.jpg  photo 25_zps6vxydwee.jpg  photo 26_zpssoxq1cvv.jpg  photo 27_zpsmszsc7vl.jpg  photo 28_zpscj5dduvd.jpg  photo 29_zpsujrtqixd.jpg  photo 30_zpsbkkjk5hd.jpg  photo 31_zpsodz2qadk.jpg  photo 32_zpsnsp3kkhd.jpg  photo 33_zps5vhfcvpv.jpg  photo 34_zpsfmtztcdd.jpg  photo 35_zpscm5jinkk.jpg  photo 36_zpstgurarin.jpg  photo 37_zpsroefgvis.jpg  photo 38_zpsiqkft6bs.jpg  photo 39_zpsazmch8nu.jpg  photo 40_zps81u99aeh.jpg  photo 41_zpsgnb8p46n.jpg  photo 42_zpsrparoboe.jpg  photo 43_zpsquz132mw.jpg  photo 44_zpsm8o9p0aa.jpg  photo 45_zpsysrpvuh6.jpg  photo 46_zpsgcmcn63e.jpg  photo 47_zpsotpl3f90.jpg  photo 48_zpsqzslkesu.jpg  photo 49_zpsvdlhjbdi.jpg  photo 50_zpspnxyehrx.jpg  photo 51_zps6cunlgvf.jpg  photo 52_zpsleo61osp.jpg  photo 53_zpsl7f1av2d.jpg  photo 54_zps94gezhyl.jpg  photo 55_zpsvtvgtv8g.jpg  photo 56_zpswlbascss.jpg  photo 57_zpszsefoafg.jpg  photo 58_zps1ngavk65.jpg  photo 59_zpspjnetva6.jpg  photo 60_zpsprbttrj1.jpg  photo 61_zpssmqm6phs.jpg  photo 62_zpsnuuuu9ta.jpg  photo 63_zpsnzrgaen1.jpg  photo 64_zps3wqmkwzk.jpg  photo 65_zpsylqhng2e.jpg  photo 66_zpsqddefgnx.jpg photo 67_zpsqreksfyn.jpg  photo 68_zpscfvzls8e.jpg  photo 69_zpsdzd32cw0.jpg

Credits: as tagged
Shared by: JYJ Romania via JYJ3

Please keep all the credits intact and do not alter them. Daca preluati orice postare de pe blogul JYJ Romania, va rugam sa pastrati toate creditele intacte.


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