[HQ SCANS] Albumul cu fotografii al DVD-ului “Housewarming Party – Park Yuchun Fanmeeting 2014*2015” / “Housewarming Party – Park Yuchun Fanmeeting 2014*2015” DVD Photobook

 photo 100_zpsdtpfu2vo.jpg
 photo 101_zpsiy4cxvir.jpg
 photo 102_zpspfx787wy.jpg
 photo 103_zpshengzb4f.jpg
 photo 104_zps6hrgxqlz.jpg
 photo 105_zpsxhebp1ee.jpg
 photo 106_zps5ikywesz.jpg
 photo 107_zpsmgmbhvop.jpg
 photo 108_zpsqxcc2jpc.jpg
 photo 109_zpsuil8niez.jpg
 photo 110_zpsdkzmoaos.jpg
 photo 111_zpszmuecxeb.jpg
 photo 112_zpsjhyv5gpe.jpg
 photo 113_zpsao8etaac.jpg
 photo 114_zps2axmtreb.jpg
 photo 115_zps6g6gvnzz.jpg
 photo 116_zpsrcxfts7o.jpg
 photo 117_zpsiyzr14x3.jpg
 photo 118_zps6vnze4z2.jpg
 photo 119_zpsuzkpnny6.jpg
 photo 120_zpsgmtju88j.jpg
 photo 121_zpsbuzxfdhb.jpg
 photo 122_zpsl7rrgrhu.jpg
 photo 123_zpswpuyssel.jpg
 photo 124_zpslileil71.jpg
 photo 125_zpsiewynnhi.jpg
 photo 126_zps4ydzrlze.jpg
 photo 127_zpsflhuvxx6.jpg
 photo 128_zpsmdl2rqtm.jpg
 photo 129_zpsoqhg24sr.jpg
 photo 130_zpsjghbphwx.jpg
 photo 131_zpsu0aagcn8.jpg
 photo 132_zps5s5pcxqf.jpg
 photo 133_zpszcpdj4fa.jpg
 photo 134_zpsrcud6umx.jpg
 photo 135_zps67tzzews.jpg
 photo 136_zpsj1brpdzg.jpg
 photo 137_zpsonmbsbcl.jpg
 photo 138_zps332lawac.jpg
 photo 139_zps92yyggaj.jpg
 photo 140_zps8buy1ulw.jpg
 photo 141_zpsnaous5w7.jpg

Credit: @6002×2601
Shared by: JYJ Romania via JYJ3

Please keep all the credits intact and do not alter them. Daca preluati orice postare de pe blogul JYJ Romania, va rugam sa pastrati toate creditele intacte.


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