[POZE HQ/HQ PICS] 09.04.16 Kim Jaejoong la Festivalul Fanfarei Militare & a Garzii de Onoare Jinhae 2016 (Ziua a 3-a)/Kim Jaejoong at 2016 Jinhae Military Band & Honor Guard Festival (Day 3)

 photo Ether_01_zpswblmsn49.jpg
 photo Ether_02_zpsotybolws.jpg
 photo Ether_03_zpssrsvywkf.jpg
 photo Ether_04_zps4dpmpi1f.jpg
 photo Ether_05_zpsoqtenmhb.jpg
 photo Ether_06_zpswxrezurt.jpg
 photo Ether_07_zpsbza4orfb.jpg
 photo KissInWings_01_zpsjbjejnyy.jpg
 photo KissInWings_02_zpsh8odgvor.jpg
 photo KissInWings_03_zpsj3ev134r.jpg
 photo KissInWings_04_zps5syxmj6n.jpg
 photo KissInWings_05_zpss608nj0o.jpg
 photo KissInWings_06_zpsygxtpake.jpg
 photo KissInWings_07_zpsptk4ssuw.jpg
 photo KissInWings_08_zpsi3rvzysc.jpg
 photo KissInWings_09_zpsnxbmljsh.jpg
 photo KissInWings_10_zpsde0ivlvd.jpg
 photo KissInWings_11_zpsuejtdmgd.jpg
 photo KissInWings_12_zpsyxaanpu0.jpg
 photo KissInWings_13_zpsw9bvbuh3.jpg
 photo KissInWings_14_zpsq2otyzjg.jpg
 photo Rinmaze_01_zpsj85glmck.jpg
 photo Rinmaze_02_zpscud9k7pw.jpg
 photo Rinmaze_03_zpsvqrjuy4g.jpg
 photo Rinmaze_04_zpsodrmkqlm.jpg
 photo Rinmaze_05_zpswwi9c4w0.jpg
 photo Rinmaze_06_zpsphcuk2cz.jpg
 photo Rinmaze_07_zpsb6u1x5fb.jpg
 photo Rinmaze_08_zps7tg282wz.jpg
 photo Rinmaze_09_zpsu3kafziw.jpg

Credits: As tagged + Ether + Rinmaze + KissInWings

Shared by:  JYJ Romania via JYJ3

Please keep all the credits intact and do not alter them. Daca preluati orice postare de pe blogul JYJ Romania, va rugam sa pastrati toate creditele intacte.


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