[POZE/PICS] 23~27.03.16 Suportul fanilor japonezi, pentru JYJ, la Festivalul Ciresilor Infloriti/Japanese Lantern Support for JYJ in the “Cherry Blossom Festival”

 photo CeYTM2hUUAEeO8d.jpgoriginal_zpsazpr0wfv.jpg
 photo CeYcyzrUkAAdkkr.jpgoriginal_zpsnsoaijwk.jpg
 photo CeZeyCTUUAE9iCF.jpgoriginal_zpsxqcr7lqx.jpg
 photo CehWdVOWIAE_DQZ.jpgoriginal_zpsnhi6e1um.jpg
 photo CehWdYwWEAA26mY.jpgoriginal_zpsu4pmvrpc.jpg
 photo CehWdTvWIAA3Rfw.jpgoriginal_zps19uiszjr.jpg
 photo CeOOMtwUEAAnhoG.jpgoriginal_zpswrplq8fw.jpg
 photo CehWdfpW8AE7X5n.jpgoriginal_zpsbbjqipku.jpg
 photo Cehsgy3W4AAyCmA.jpgoriginal_zpspsfz26dk.jpg
 photo CeeQY1HWAAEHTcW.jpgoriginal_zpspzzdysub.jpg
 photo CeePrU_WAAEL6WE.jpgoriginal_zpsw6rvr53l.jpg
 photo CeeQWV4WQAEPlZ3.jpgoriginal_zpsoh4n9ta6.jpg
 photo CeePom4W8AAwvEq.jpgoriginal_zpsfgnk2a9o.jpg
 photo Ced_zuQW4AAvsVh.jpgoriginal_zpsva2gam4x.jpg
 photo Ced_kp6W4AEjXWn.jpgoriginal_zpshqwjhfnd.jpg
 photo CeePm9gWwAA5qvk.jpgoriginal_zpseboyeudv.jpg
 photo Ced_47cWIAAZKK6.jpgoriginal_zpsituqpszc.jpg
 photo Ced_boJW8AQ-rRN.jpgoriginal_zpszfrfxcqb.jpg
 photo 12912271_966270070134915_1365172100_n.jpgoriginal_zpsoskhrvuy.jpg
 photo 12918431_1051866971546705_69464075_n.jpgoriginal_zps0k18o3hj.jpg 

Picture Credits: @tanoltuchi + @hiyokohiyoko + @xiahriry + @xiasophia + @midoyot + @6710Yumi
Shared by: JYJ Romania via JYJ3

Please keep all the credits intact and do not alter them. Daca preluati orice postare de pe blogul JYJ Romania, va rugam sa pastrati toate creditele intacte.


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