[POZE HQ/HQ PICS] 20.06.15 Kim Junsu in musicalul “Death Note”, lasarea cortinei (spectacolul de la ora 7 PM) – PARTEA 2/Kim Junsu during musical ‘Death Note’ Curtain Call (7 PM performance) Part 2


 photo YwnFQck.jpgoriginal_zps6n2wls2c.jpg
 photo 150620-Lavender2007-8.jpgoriginal_zpsvklfgcc2.jpg
 photo 150620-Lavender2007-7.jpgoriginal_zpsxrf3sc1q.jpg
 photo 150620-Lavender2007-6.jpgoriginal_zps1xsthmoy.jpg
 photo FUefKdF.jpgoriginal_zpsbpag1ade.jpg
 photo 150620-Lavender2007-4.jpgoriginal_zps8c2703fn.jpg
 photo 150620-Lavender2007-5.jpgoriginal_zpssoj6ksu8.jpg
 photo 150620-Lavender2007-3.jpgoriginal_zps57i0mcvv.jpg
 photo 150620-Lavender2007-2.jpgoriginal_zpskrd4xiwo.jpg
 photo 150620-Lavender2007-1.jpgoriginal_zpsom9y9mzo.jpg
 photo 150620_13.jpgoriginal_zpsepebnxgh.jpg
 photo 150620_12.jpgoriginal_zpsd9ubvkvy.jpg
 photo 150620_11.jpgoriginal_zpsoe4yzdn5.jpg
 photo 150620_08.jpgoriginal_zpsym3jkvaf.jpg
 photo 150620_09.jpgoriginal_zpsdynvmdwe.jpg
 photo 150620_06.jpgoriginal_zpslmwtq22g.jpg
 photo 150620_07.jpgoriginal_zpsr1u42ih2.jpg
 photo 150620_01.jpgoriginal_zpspzc4xjrr.jpg
 photo 150620_03.jpgoriginal_zpsgr4cuasp.jpg
 photo 150620_04.jpgoriginal_zpshvea1skz.jpg
 photo 63pkts9.jpgoriginal_zpsblza5w61.jpg
 photo 150620_02.jpgoriginal_zpsm39qeesp.jpg
 photo 150620_05.jpgoriginal_zpslqsvn05c.jpg
 photo 150620-Eude0604-3.jpgoriginal_zpsn3jwco7h.jpg
 photo 150620-Eude0604-15.jpgoriginal_zps1mgzd23j.jpg
 photo 150620-Eude0604-8.jpgoriginal_zpswao3rxta.jpg
 photo 150620-Eude0604-13.jpgoriginal_zpsh5e1ws83.jpg
 photo 150620-Eude0604-14.jpgoriginal_zpsrqhipd1n.jpg
 photo 150620-Eude0604-2.jpgoriginal_zpsbg3nvyn7.jpg


Credits: ChiRi_XIA + JYJ_inToday + Lavender2007 + Eude0604 + Mymybuchu
Shared by: JYJ3 + JYJ Romania

Please keep all the credits intact and do not alter them. Daca preluati orice postare de pe blogul JYJ Romania, va rugam sa pastrati toate creditele intacte.

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