[PICS] 22.04.15 ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’ – Povestea in imagini

Care pahar este cel comandat si care este bonusul?

 photo Img0404_20150422105801_3_zpsklzhtylt.jpg
 photo Img0404_20150422105801_2_zpsswwdmwsp.jpg

Nu voi dormi~ crezi ca o voi face~?

 photo Img0404_20150422111552_1_zpszv1arhf4.jpg  photo Img0404_20150422111552_2_zpsowxv1grk.jpg  photo Img0404_20150422111552_3_zps4btw4qu3.jpg  photo Img0404_20150422111552_4_zpsqg36lpr1.jpgSource: SBS ‘TGWSS’ 1 2
Shared by: JYJ3 (en) + JYJ Romania (ro)


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