[POZE/PICS] 28.07.14 Autobuze cu postere de promovare pentru Turneul Asiatic JYJ 2014 & Albumul ‘JUST US’/ Bus Advertisement for JYJ’s 2014 Asia Tour concerts & “JUST US” album

 photo 01jpgoriginal_zps81c52a20.jpg
 photo 02jpgoriginal_zps41801eb2.jpg
 photo 03jpgoriginal_zps8b22f2ca.jpg
 photo 04jpgoriginal_zps6a8d313a.jpg
 photo 05jpgoriginal_zps738b6264.jpg
 photo 06jpgoriginal_zpse72e6514.jpg
 photo 07jpgoriginal_zps8582c577.jpg
 photo 08jpgoriginal_zps6f7b3bf6.jpg
 photo 09jpgoriginal_zpse733f0a8.jpg
 photo 10jpgoriginal_zps29457749.jpg
 photo 11jpgoriginal_zps0091b088.jpg
 photo BtmqN2UCIAEyDiGjpgoriginal_zps36ec01f8.jpg

Credit: mjis12 + Lucete_sJYJ
Shared by: JYJ3 + JYJ Romania

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