[ALT TWITTER/OTHER TWITTER] 08.07.14 Surorile lui Kim Jaejoong vorbind despre sarutul cuplului DalHee + Gif-uri ucigatoare!!!/ Kim Jaejoong’s Sisters spazzing over DalHee’s Kiss Scene + KILLER GIFS!!!

 photo 140708kkjj4pngoriginal_zps073f95f3.png
[TRANS] Sora nr 4: Un astfel de sarut^^ daebak/ 4th sis: This kind of kiss^^ daebak
 photo 140708shie486pngoriginal_zps5634aac6.png
[TRANS] Sora nr 6 (Kim Su Young) Stiu, nu-i asa!! Pare atat de real ㅋㅋ/ 6th Sis (Kim Su Young):  Ikr!! Isn’t it so realㅋㅋ
 photo 140708kkjj_2pngoriginal_zps18bad432.png

[TRANS] Sora nr 4: Eu si Ahyound am  tipat!/4th sis: Me and Ahyound screamed!

Sources: @kkjj4 + @Shie486
Translated by: @The_Little_Pear of PrinceJJ

Ro trans: Gee of JYJ Romania






 photo 859610690_zpsa0ba12e7.gif
Gifs Credit: @MegWu0312
Shared by: JYJ3 + JYJ Romania

Please take out with full credits. Daca preluati aceasta postare, creditati JYJ Romania pentru traducerea in limba romana. De asemenea, va rugam sa pastrati si toate celelalte credite  intacte.


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