[POZE HQ/HQ PICS] 16.11.13 Turneul ‘WWW’ in Asia al lui Kim Jaejoong, Concert in Yokohama(Ziua 2)[Partea 2]/ Kim Jaejoong’s WWW Asia Tour Concert in Yokohama (Day 2)[Part 2]


 photo 131116-asia_yokohama-16jpgoriginal_zpsf0283397.jpg
 photo 131116-asia_yokohama-11jpgoriginal_zps0c818b4f.jpg
 photo 131116-asia_yokohama-9jpgoriginal_zpsd50b61cb.jpg
 photo 131116-asia_yokohama-8jpgoriginal_zpsf58d3529.jpg
 photo 131116-asia_yokohama-7jpgoriginal_zps53d6dbaf.jpg
 photo 131116-asia_yokohama-15jpgoriginal_zps3e7d6046.jpg
 photo 131116-asia_yokohama-14jpgoriginal_zps2cbcaf9d.jpg
 photo 131116-asia_yokohama-13jpgoriginal_zpsd1fbcb2b.jpg
 photo 131116-asia_yokohama-12jpgoriginal_zps4cffa64e.jpg

Credit: Melitehero
Shared by:JYJ3 + JYJ Romania


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