[POZE PRESA HQ/HQ PRESS PICS] 17.11.13 Tutneul ‘WWW’ in Asia al lui Kim Jaejoong, Concert in Yokohama (Ziua2)/Kim Jaejoong’s WWW Asia Tour Concert in Yokohama (Day 2)

 photo 1384652701-4jpgoriginal_zpsccf1c1ac.jpg
 photo 1384652769-62jpgoriginal_zps934c1b85.jpg
 photo 1384652716-9jpgoriginal_zps9367463f.jpg
 photo 1384652729-80jpgoriginal_zpsb0724762.jpg
 photo 1384652742-80jpgoriginal_zps3b3a9115.jpg
 photo 1384652756-65jpgoriginal_zps1906c665.jpg
 photo 1384652658-1jpgoriginal_zps3e4fe5e0.jpg
 photo 1384652635-34jpgoriginal_zps608f925e.jpg
 photo 1384652682-51jpgoriginal_zps81eea1d2.jpg
 photo 1384652645-46jpgoriginal_zpsa6048a01.jpg
 photo 1384652669-75jpgoriginal_zpsafaf4481.jpg
 photo 1384652589-35jpgoriginal_zpsa01c620b.jpg
 photo 1384652622-21_zps93e84160.jpg

Credit: Top Star News
Shared by: JYJ3 + JYJ Romania

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