[TWITTER + INSTAGRAM] 14.11.13 Jaejoong Twitter Update: Selcas+ Video

141113 2[TRANS] Euheungㅜㅜ



[TRANS] See you tomorrow~~~~ The dark circles reached my lips/ Ne vedem maine~~~~ Cearcanele mi-au ajuns pana la buze


131114kjjtw3.png~original[TRANS] See you tomorrow~~~~ Euheung♡nas-c(/nassyi)~~
[Reference to Funassyi is Fundabashi, Chiba’s town character. It’s a combination of Fun(dabashi)+ Nashi (pear) via @rubypurple_fan of JYJ3]

[RO TRANS]Ne vedem maine~~~Euheung♡nas-c(/nassyi)~~
(Referinta pentru  Funassyi este Fundabashi, este orasul caracterului Chiba. Este o combinatie intre Fun(dabashi) + Nashi (para) via @rubypurple_fan of JYJ3]

BZCiudFCIAAZsK0.jpg large

131114jjtww[TRANS] Let’s meet tomorrow-nassyi~ http://instagram.com/p/gswIi3Enio/

[RO TRANS] Sa ne intalnim si maine-nassyi~http://instagram.com/p/gswIi3Enio/

(Trans by: @ayano_jyj)

[TRANS] nassyi~nassyi nassyi~…ah, let’s meet tomorrow. good night

[RO TRANS]  nassyi~nassyi nassyi~…ah,sa ne intalnim si maine. noapte buna

Source: @bornfreeonekiss

Translated by: JYJ3

Ro trans: Gee of JYJ Romania
Shared by: JYJ3 + JYJ Romania

“Take out with full credits. Daca preluati aceasta postare, creditati JYJ Romania pentru traducerea in limba romana. De asemenea, va rugam sa pastrati si toate celelalte credite intacte.”

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